Our group is: executive producers, directors, acquisitions consultants, world sales company: for movies, documentaries, television movies and series.

We built strong relationships with producers and directors and will create strategies for each film for distribution and marketing worldwide. We participate in all major International Film Festivals and markets worldwide.



An executive producer is someone who has either personally funded or arranged the funding for a motion picture or television show. Making a television show, or film can be a costly process and so the Executive Producer essentially acts as the financial backer, helping the production to raise the extra finances it needs to get to the distribution stage. On the film/television set our main role is to ensure that the project is proceeding according to the set schedule and budget.


Customer Service and Financial Advisors


We evaluate the potential success and return on investment (ROI) of a movie from typical movie comparisons with a similar Box Office, Movie Star pull and previous DVD revenues. We are proud to work with the very best film funds, financial advisors and lawyers in the business. A potential investor will be carefully taken through the film’s budget, potential profit, movie compares, online revenue reporting, investor packages, ROIs & timescales.






The film industry is a thriving business with an impressive history; despite the financial crisis the film industry remained strong and continued to make money, while many other industries struggled. Investing in film is a great way to see good returns.


Investment - explained

About extra benefits for investors


Many Independent film companies now offer Film Investment opportunities; this allows the Independent companies to remain independent and in total control of the film, while offering an investment opportunity with a return that can last a lifetime.
Investing in an independent film with a smaller production budget offers the chance to make more profit with less risk than a film with a large budget, where overheads need to be recouped before investors will see a return. A film doesn’t need to be a large success at the box offer in order for an investor to receive a return on their investment, that’s the benefit of investing in independent film.
Investing in Film is one of the best investments you can make, the benefits stretch far beyond the sales of box office tickets. DVD/Blu-Ray sales, television airings, Video on Demand (VOD) subscriptions and the sale of merchandise all count towards the profit a film makes and can continue to generate a profit for a lifetime.
In 2015, the total video entertainment market grew in revenues, showing that the video market is strong and films can generate a large income long after theatrical releases take place.














As with any financial investment, there is always an element of risk and it is very important that you do not invest what you cannot afford to lose. While it is not possible to guarantee the commercial success of any film project, we want the best for our investors and so we are very selective in the investment opportunities that we offer ensuring that certain elements are in place, such as insurance and a completion guarantee.