There are a number of factors that developers partnering with us can benefit from. With our wealth of knowledge as international property experts we believe we have a lot to offer you in exchange for allowing our investors the opportunity to invest in your project.











Decreasing risk

The guaranteed early sales that come with our underwriting model are an excellent way to secure the financing to finish your project at a more profitable level, and get early assurance that your project will be a success.

We’re also offering you reliable sales through a model that combines the benefits of selling in bulk with the security of selling units to individual investors.
That way, you don’t risk losing the whole deal as you might by selling in bulk to a single corporate investor.
Further to this, many of our investors are long-term clients who we’re confident will go on to complete their purchase, particularly given the access to international financing that we facilitate for them.


Distribution network 

As international property experts we offer direct response in key overseas markets, as well as a widespread distribution network built on long-term relationships with independent financial advisors around the world. Partnering with us really is an opportunity to take your development to a whole new audience that you have not yet reached.


Discerning portfolio

We have a commitment to and strong track record in only offering our clients investment opportunities that meet stringent criteria for yield and return potential. In partnering with us, you can be sure that your development is in good company amid a portfolio that will instantly position yours as a high-quality investment opportunity.


Inclusive expert marketing

A further benefit of partnering with us lies in our leading marketing capabilities. We’re overseas property experts withyears of experience in reaching a global audience of overseas property investors. Our financial commitment to the investments we offer means we typically cover marketing costs that would otherwise detract from your profits.

Easier local sales

It’s very common for home buyers to find confidence in the fact that a development has already sold a high percentage of its units, and therefore be more willing to invest themselves. By partnering with us at an early stage of your project, you can ensure the sort of high sold-percentage that can be so important when you later come to promote your development on the local market.

One point of contact - simplicity

Sales to our investors will also be easier for you in a logistical and process sense – we work with investors throughout the investment process and beyond, meaning we act as your single, easy point of contact in managing the completion of all purchases that come through us.

Industry expertise

We are a team of international property experts ranging from property surveyors, and real estate insiders, and experienced investment, and finance consultants, through to conscientious investment and property managers and creative events and marketing teams. Our business stands apart because of the highly skilled professionals that form the spine of our business.

Strong financial standing

Our capacity to offer this investment model is based on the strong financial foundations we’ve built over the course of our trading history. We have run a profitable and cash-flow positive business in every financial year since our founding in 2005. As a private business we are happy to provide developers with financial information, as well as references from our bankers in Hong Kong, HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank.



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