Lamb cheese from Sardinia with love

Mr. Antonio Zucca first introduced Italian lamb cheeses - Pecorino - to Finland market in 2000 and now in 2015 You can find in almost every bigger supermarket. Firstly people were not so fascinated much and minority knew about cheeses made from lamb milk. Today it is a true delicatessen on every gourmet table.

The tradition of cheese in Sardinia is ancient and important and the exports of its pecorino cheese have contributed to ensuring this classic Made in Italy product is renowned worldwide. The great capacity of Sardinian shepherds of producing this cheese regularly and with excellent quality results has contributed to increasing the importance of sheep's milk cheese or of a mixture of sheep and goat’s cheese on our tables over the last few years. Sheep farming in Sardinia has ancient origins dating back to the Nuragic Civilization (prior to the first millennium BC.).

Three Sardinian cheeses are protected and safeguarded by the Denomination of Protected origin (DOP): the Sardinian pecorino cheese, the Roman pecorino cheese and the Sardinian Fiore cheese.

Sardinian pecorino cheese

This cheese which is obtained only from whole sheep’s milk comes in two types: "sweet" and "ripe". The sweet one matures in 20 to 60 days; inside it is white, soft, compact when cut and its taste is aromatic, delicate, and slightly tart. The ripe variety is aged for 5 or 6 months. It is hard inside, the cut may be compact or chipped and the colour is white or slightly yellow. The flavour is very strong and intensely aromatic.

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