Wine resort in Sardinia welcomes true gourmet lovers

In the countryside of Alghero arise Tenute Delogu. In these lands ruled by the sun they have roots our vineyards and our traditions. Here the grape growing has been handed down from father to son and new plants alongside the vineyards older. Yet as always, the sea breeze and the sun, completes the passionate work of man to transform the wine scents, flavors and the unique character of this land. Piero Delogu has a strong bond with his land and knows just how generous when it there is passionately dedicated. Organize the work in the vineyard and follows them personally, from tilling to the careful selection of grapes and vinification. A simple rule inspired Tenute Delogu: a wine of good quality is the combination of a few essentials, the man, the Earth and the time. The owner Mr. Piero Delogu devotes three wines: Ego, Geo and Die.

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