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Legendary artist Frank Zappa is away for more than a decade. During this time, much has changed and the music itself, and music industry worldwide. Even then, according to the interviewer Mark Holdom, who worked with Zappa, music was more sincere, but falseness all around in music industry forced to stop, take a break and turn over a new page of life book...

Mark worked with Metallica, Tina Turner, Allan Morissette as well as Zappa, but a decade ago, while working with the group of best artists, he decided to change the life and dive into the Hollywood backstage. During this time, the footprints left in his biography of such films as "HEIST" with Robert De Niro, "TOKAREV" with Nicolas Cage, "I am Wrath" with John Travolta and many others. And yet, why Mark is more often visiting the streets of Vilnius Old Town, what a miracle here is looking for and what he expects to present in Lithuania and not only, in an exclusive interview with

- Mark, which time are You staying Lithuania?

– The third. The first time I came here last year, I met Karolis (K. Malinauskas - Delfi). The same year, I came back again, and at that time has already started to work on the film, on which are still working – „The Last Draw of Jack of Hearts“.

- And what about our country?

- You know, I came from New Zealand. Somehow, I found here a lot of similarities with my homeland. Your country is very nice, small, and I found it very friendly. In addition, you have the monument for Frank Zappa! When I was visiting here for the second time, I visited him, I have a picture with him (giggles).

- Well traditional question, which always concerns Lithuanians, have you ever tasted our traditional dishes?

- Oh yes! I tasted the pink soup and I really liked it (laughs).

- Let's talk about your work. Now you are working in the film industry, however, you started the career in music. Why things have changed?

- I put a period in music a long time ago. Until then I worked with multiple artists and groups, was managing Frank Zappa's production company, but the world of music has changed a lot. I worked in music industry at a time when Frank passed away - this whole world began to change already - propaganda started and I decided that something needs to changed.

- Are people from the movie world more sincere? The world of films is "more genuine" than the world of music?

- Because of the sincerity I started to work with Karolis and all team of Lituanica Films. Both in the music and the film industries, the jungle rules are valid. You should be cautious and vigilant everywhere.

- But if talking about Hollywood films, they are often filled with the "uncertainty" and the world "through rose-tinted glasses." Can you name your favorite movie?

- Without a doubt - "Casablanca." There is everything that has to be in the film: the feelings, experiences, music, emotions ...

- How did you get familiar with producer Karolis Malinauskas?

- I was introduced by Canadian colleague Chris. He had arrived to Lithuania a few years ago - was filming television commercials and worked with Karolis. This contact was vital – I came back once again to Lithuania and we started to make a movie together.

- You're not just working with Lithuanian, but also make a movie in Lithuania. Are here the capabilities and human resources in Lithuania to produce such films, who can match the level of Hollywood?

- Of course. Lithuanians have a great experience. Moreover, here is very easy to work, people have concreteness. Nevertheless, not a full movie is being made in Lithuania, half of it will be filmed in Italy.

- You are still traveling. Lithuania, Italy, Lithuania again ... which part of the world you call „Home“, and if You manage to get there sometimes?

- (Laughs). That's my job - to travel. I often go not only where the filming happens, but also to Los Angeles, Barcelona. My daughter is seventeen - she is still in high school in Los Angeles, while my son is just six years old - he lives in Barcelona. It is difficult to identify where is „home“ in the world. I have an apartment in Barcelona, ​​a house in New Zealand and Italy, one apartment in Los Angeles...

Home? Home is where I am (smiles).

Photos by: © DELFI (D. Pipas)

Original article in Lithuanian:

Gallery of the production team's visit in Vilnius, Lithuania (June, 2016)

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