Guy Moshe - seeking to shake up the cinema history of Lithuania

Movie director Guy Moshe, recently working in Lithuania, told in the interview to DELFI that Lithuanians are a real discovery: diligent, talented and very promising. What is this man from great Hollywood doing in Vilnius and why the conversation with him was held in a legendary restaurant „Neringa“? Guy revealed all this during the interview.

So we are talking with someone who works with Billy Bob-Thornton, Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, Ron Perlman and many other movie stars. During the interview he not only praised Lithuanians, but also revealed how he intends to make Lithuania known in all over the world.

- Guy, is it easy to work with Lithuanians?

- Very easy! They are very much committed to each task, and perform everything very carefully. The whole process goes smoothly. I think you're a little bit like Scandinavians, well, after all, the region is very close by, so there are really a lot of young and talented people who only need to connect to the team and spread the energy. Lithuanians are very passionate. They are just burning passion for their work, while working, they are ambitious. It inspires. Hollywood needs this as well. Moreover, the Lithuanian hospitality makes us feel like at home (smiles).

- What have You searched in Lithuania and if You happened to find?

- I found - yes. You know, we are always trying to create something new, fresh, and perhaps the most important thing to filmmaker is - to discover unseen and undiscovered places, locations, what could be unfolded by the camera. No matter, whatever it is: a ramshackle house or an abandoned factory, or just a strange building. For the movie - details matter the most. It is important to see the opportunity and glue the puzzle from all the visual picture in Your mind. If the piece fits – the discovered object is attached. While filming a variety of permits are required. After all, there is no way that You can install the cameras wherever you want, and shout "action".

Is it easy in Lithuania to get these permits?

We work with Karolis (K. Malinauskas - DELFI), so yes, it is easy, because he makes all this work (laughs). Although there is no way that Karolis is responsible for everything. In other cities, we take care of that and he takes care of it here. It's just a part of our work, what we share.

- Tell us a bit about the movie you are making Lithuania.

- The biggest part of it will be filmed in Naples, Italy. Here in Lithuania we found a place where to film a nightclub. Beyond the fact that we found the right place here, we included a local staff and performers in the filming. We are always trying to work with local teams and people, by not only extending our network of contacts, but also giving some unique character for the film. In fact, while watching a movie, You may not even notice that the filming moved from Italy to Lithuania. In some places found great exteriors, in other – interiors, so it all merges into a one picture.

- Is it easy to communicate with locals?

- I perfectly mastered to swish my hands (laughs out loud).

- How long have You been creating this movie?

- The original script for this story we wrote already in 2010, and all this time we were "hunting" the interesting locations for filming. It all takes time. Although, I have to admit that the works moved forward when we arrived to Lithuania. You are more Americans than Italians, even though - Europeans.

- Do you mean that if you say that the work starts at 12h, everybody comes at 12h?

- No, I mean that if we agree that the work starts at 12h, everybody is coming from 10:30h, and already brings copies of work plans, and knows exactly what to do. In Italy it is completely different. Everybody meets after twelve, then has a snack, then talks a bit and only after all this - begins to work.

- You are talking about working in Italy, Lithuania, also in the United States. You are constantly traveling. Are you never tired of it?

- This is one of the best parts of my job! We work long hours, we may even not count them, but we are always in action, we always discover something new.

- Are you still able to watch the movie just as a spectator?

- If the film is a really good one, then definitely - yes. If the film is not of very good quality, after five minutes I turn it off or I start naming the errors: the light is not proper, the angle is wrong...

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