Building from steel to prevent seismic disasters

Our group of companies create seismic free construction systems of Light Gauge Steel LGS frames, where characteristics are far more superior, compared to traditional masonry building systems.

Seismic test of Light Gauge Steel construction in Australia

Since all bearing elements are made of steel modules, are lightweight and of high strength, made directly on site with the use of cutting machines and forming machines of precise control.

The structures correspond to the most of legal requirements and standards because of the production processes and assembly, that has almost no defects of the contracted parameters and that is guaranteed in accordance with quality standards.

Meanwhile, it is guaranteed through special certifications the resistance of structures to earthquakes of intensity up to 9.2, also the frames are of light type and are not designed to use materials that can be critical or dangerous in the case of earthquakes.

The other risks, such as fire, are reduced almost to zero, given the characteristics of fire retardant materials used, as well as standard are all facilities: water, electricity, tv, etc. as well as the materials for thermal and acoustic insulation.

The timing of completion of the property is lower by more than 50%, compared to conventional products, taking into account that it is almost free of materials such as bricks, mortar, cement and other components that need drying process and much more time to be completed.

The cost of realization of the works is lower by about 40%, compared to that of traditional masonry dwellings.

Visually and in terms of housing, ergonomics, environment and durability, there is no difference between the highly innovative structures proposed by us; the real difference lies however in the total safety of structures against earthquakes, also regarding to architectural and landscape aspects, we affirm that the same design and view can be easily replicated, to recreate the facades of houses and destroyed housing complexes.

Our programs face to improve the housing situation of people affected by the severe earthquake in central Italy.

In light of the above, the company wants to extend its range of operations also in the construction of housing units in the event of major events and disasters, such as last occurred in central Italy.

This in order to satisfy urgent demand that focuses in particular on the immediate request of homes that can not be satisfied by construction companies who are present in the market with conventional procedures that, due to the use of conventional techniques and related to time constraints are of much higher costs if compared to our proposal.

Our Company intends to develop and implement joint projects for submission of building plans, based on the know-how of Arsignum Group of Companies and also from other local qualified companies, in the territory affected by the severe earthquake, with the aim of designing and building, civil buildings, industrial and tourism with high-tech steel structures, on behalf of the Italy.

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